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LAUREL of Northeast Georgia June 22 by T

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to the Mountains

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Hey Y’all, I’m excited to share with you that the June issue of the Laurel is almost ready for publication, although it may be a few days late this time. We always strive to meet our deadlines, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances cause delays. Your understanding and patience during these times are greatly appreci- ated. Putting together a magazine every month is a challenging and exhausting task, but it’s a labor of love for us. We take great pleasure in showcasing the wonderful people, places, and things that make our community so unique and remarkable. Over the past twenty years, we’ve had the privilege of featuring many local individuals in our publica- tion. It’s bittersweet to think that some of them, like the late Mr. Don Nicholson, were overjoyed to be recognized in the Laurel but passed away before seeing their stories in print. Mr. Nicholson, a United States Veteran, shared his experiences with our friend and contributor, Roger Glenn and Mike Maffett, before his passing. Although he won’t be able to see his story in our magazine, his life, service to the nation, and cherished memories with his family will always be remembered. Our hearts go out to his family, and we ask that you keep them in your prayers. As we look ahead to the coming months, there are numerous exciting events to anticipate. The first ever Ramshackle street festival is sure to be a success and preparations for next year’s event are already underway. The Painted Fern Festival is just around the corner in July, and we can’t wait for the Lake Burton Summer Concert Series. Additionally, the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds is hosting a variety of wonderful events. Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to savor all the season has to offer – from the warm sun to the cool water and everything in between. In this issue, we’re inviting you to step inside some of the area’s most stunning homes, all of which are currently on the market. You’ll also read about the Holloway family’s delightful trip to Dollywood, a fantastic summer adventure just a short distance away. There’s so much to discover in this edition, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy it all! Wishing you a wonderful June! Tracy

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