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LAUREL of Northeast Georgia June 22 by T

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From the Publisher We are thrilled to bring to you our history issue. We love the old stories and the rich Appalachian history that is so plentiful and easily shared here. I could sit for hours and listen to tales, truths and some you might question. I asked Janie P. Taylor once, “Janie P. was that story you wrote true?” and with a smile and raised eyebrow she replied, “That’s how I remember it.” The photo on our is the Tallulah Falls Railroad coal-burning locomotive traveling through Rabun Gap in 1947. Inside you’ll find articles from the Rabun County Historical Society, Foxfire, locals and some not locals who have great stories to share. We are blessed with wonderful memories of days long gone and each day we are presented time to make new memories that will live on long after we are gone. Our history, each of us has one, tells the story of who we are and how we got here. Write it down for the next generation, even if you think they don’t care now, I promise the day will come that they’ll treasure your story. As summer comes to a close and fall peeks around the next corner, time seems to slow every so slightly. The days aren’t quite as long and hopefully the evening and mornings will have a freshness in the air as temps cool. Within a month we’ll be talking about the leaves, and then pumpkins and ghostly ghouls. Time does fly doesn’t it. As cliché as it might sound, stop to smell the roses, color a picture with broken crayons with the little ones in your life and dig out that box of old photos and relive those special trips and family gatherings. Life is short but oh so beautiful and each new day is a reminder to squeeze every second out of it. Before I close I want you to know how much I treasure each of you, my readers are like old friends. My advertisers, like family and my team here at the Laurel all thank the good Lord for you. Blessings to ya, Tracy

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